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In the 12U division, players begin to bring their basic techniques and skills to the next level of play. The level of play in this division is more competitive than in the younger divisions, but is still in line with the AYSO philosophy of everyone plays and has fun.

Field Size: 
The Field Size for 12U games is 70-80 yards long and 44-55 yards wide.
Goals: Goal Size is 6.5 feet high x 18.5 feet wide. (Max size - 7 feet high x 21 feet wide).
Ball Size: 4
Players on Field: 9 vs. 9 with a minimum of 6 players/team on the field (one of which is the Goalkeeper)
12 maximum on roster.
Game Length: 60 Minutes (30 Minute Halves - Time should include breaks between quarters and halftime)
Practice Session: 60 Minutes. 2-times per week
Practice Location: Practice location is by assignment only. Coach must submit a "Practice Field Request" to receive assignment. 
Goalkeepers: The same player can play goalkeeper a maximum of half a game.

Player Equipment: Shoes and shin guards covered by socks must be worn at all games and practices. Soccer cleats are recommended, but not required.
Standings: Wins & losses are recorded. Standings are kept. 
Playoffs: Top 2 teams based on standings and referee points make playoffs.
Teams will need to provide a 3-person referee crew for playoffs. T
Teams will need to earn 20-referee points. (3-points awarded per center referee assignment, 1-point awarded for each assistant referee assignment. 
Must be U10 division and higher games. You must register for games via CGI to track team referee points.
Regional Referees: The region will do its best to make sure to cover all games, in the event that referees do not arrive 10-minutes after kickoff time, the Home Team will provide a referee and lineman. Volunteers should be registered volunteers in the region. Delaying start time pushes the entire game day schedule back. Please make every effort to start on time.
Team Referees: Teams must accumulate referee points to be eligible for playoffs based on standings. 
Game Cards: Each week have a game card filled out and ready for the referee. Cards are available from the RCTent.

Team Banners: Below are the rules for banners:

  • You may put player FIRST names only or JERSEY number only, not both. DO NOT put first AND last names or uniform numbers. This is done for the child’s safety. No pictures of players.
  • Beside your team name, don’t forget your coach, assistant coach and team parent.
  • Must include ""Redlands AYSO Region 50", the Division (example Bu10), and the Sponsor name (if applicable)
  • Team names should be fun and non-political. If there are any questions regarding appropriateness of your name, contact your division coordinator.
  • Banners that do not adhere to the banner policy may not be included in team photos, the yearbook, or displayed on the sidelines of games.

Two ways to get a banner:

  • Order through a vendor. Easiest and fastest way to get a banner. Once you have a team name, you can pick from thousands of designs and they include the banner stand and carrying case with the purchase You can shop local or online.
  • Make one yourself. You can purchase supplies a local fabric store and have the team decorate the banner. Typically, teams use felt or other fabrics and decorate with paint, glitter or use cloth letters. To create the banner stand, you can buy ¾” or 1” PVC tubing (used for garden sprinklers) and the fittings. You may want to use Velcro, snap rings or grommets or just thin rope to mount the banner to your stand. Make sure it is easy to assemble and disassemble.

Game Day:

  • Home Team sits on West or South sideline. Visitors sit on the opposite side.
  • 1st game of the day responsible for field setup, including pushing out goals and setting up corner flags (please arrive 45 minutes early); last game of the day responsible for tear down at our home fields only. Push goals together and collect corner flags.

  • Players have increased understanding of strategy and tactics so small-sided matches can help develop basic attacking and defensive principles. 

  • 12U is the time for polishing the player's technical skills. Players must play 3/4 of each game.

The Coin Toss / Kick-off:

  • The Visiting Team is allowed to call heads or tails while the coin is in the air.
  • The team that wins the coin toss decides which goal to attack in the first half OR to take the Kick-off
  • Depending on the above, the team that lost the coin toss takes the Kick-off OR decides which goal to attack in the first half
  • The team that decided which goal to attack in the first half takes the Kick-off in the second half
  • The teams change ends of the field for the second half and attack the opposite goals
  • Throw-ins: if the child makes an error the ball goes to the opposing team for a throw.

  • Handling: DILBERATE handballs - direct kick awarded to opposing team

  • Headers - No heading. If a player intentionally heads a ball, the result is an Indirect Free Kick for the opposing team. If the player did NOT intentionally head the ball and it was accidental, the call is a dropped ball for the team who touched the ball prior to the ball hitting the player in the head. 

  • Positions should be taught and enforced. At a minimum, players should know what a defender, midfield, striker and goalkeeper’s jobs are. Rotate players into different positions (not all in the same game) to give them a taste of the game

  • Goalkeepers: No player should play more than 3 quarters in the goal. If they play 3 quarters in the goal you must maximize their time on the field (ie. They don’t sit out the last quarter then). Keeper jerseys will be available at the check-in station on the first day.

  • Substitutions: Between periods, at halftime and for injuries.

  • Playing Time: Minimum of 3/4 per game and no player should play four periods until everyone has played three

  • Teams: Separate girls and boys teams should be promoted at all levels of play.

  • NO ONE should be behind the goal area. Not parents or coaches

  • Medical Release Forms must be with you at ALL soccer functions, including but not limited to, practice, games, team parties, etc.

  • All volunteers that will be working with the children need to register as a volunteer and complete the online training program Safe Haven.

  • Injuries: Incident reports are available on our website or at the snack bar. Please report all injuries to the Board promptly.

  • Do not run up the score; no one should win by more than 5 goals.

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