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Fall 2019 Core Program (U10-U19)
Referee Incentives and Referee Points Information

Contact Referee Administrator @ [email protected]

The Referee Administrators recommend referees do NOT represent more than one team in the event their teams advance into the playoffs and have conflicting referee and game schedules.

Referees MUST have completed the following items in order to be allowed to officiate:

  • Registered Current Volunteer as "Referee" in Blue Sombrero
  • Background check approved by Sterling Volunteers (Youth Referees excluded)
  • Certified as a Regional Referee or higher
  • CDC Concussion Training (
  • Safe Haven (
  • CGI Account (
Youth Referees must be a minimum age of 12.


Referee Incentives

Referee Point Breakdown

  • Center Referee U10/U12/U14 – 2 Points

  • Assistant Referee U10/U12/U14 – 1 Point

  • Center Referee U16/U19 (Needs approval of Referee Admin) – 3 Points

  • Assistant Referee U16/U19 (Needs approval of Referee Admin) – 2 Points

Adult Referee Incentives for U10-U19 Games

15 Points (Incentive #1)

  • Amazon Gift Card         

25 Points (Incentive #2)

  • Amazon Gift Card        

Adult Referees will receive their incentives at the end of the season.

Youth Referee Incentives for U10-U19 Games (Youth Referees must be 2 years older than the division they referee.)

12 Points (Incentive)

  • Gift Card

Youth Referees will receive their incentives on Oct 12th if they have 12 points or at the end of the season.

Referee Points Information

Why should a team have 3 referees?

If a team advances to Regional Playoffs and/or AREA-N Playoffs, teams MUST provide a 3-man referee crew in order to participate in playoffs.

How many Referee Points does my team need to qualify for Regional Playoffs (Redlands)?

Teams need at least 20 referee points to qualify for Regional Playoffs and provide 3 certified referees. Questions regarding duties and responsibilities for Redlands Regional Playoffs should be directed to your division commissioner.

How many Referee Points does my team need to qualify for AREA Playoffs (Redlands or outside hosted location)?

Teams need at least 20 referee points to qualify for AREA playoffs and provide 3 certified referees. AREA Playoffs are tournament style games that compete against teams from outside of our region such as Hemet, Beaumont, Mountains, Neuvo ect. These games tend to be very competitive and fun for the players, coaches and spectators.

How does my team earn points?

  • Go to our referee sign-up website.            

  • Go to your profile and select your Team#   

  • If you are representing more than one team (press CTRL+Left Click on each team)    

  • Sign-up for referee, assistant referee or referee mentor    

  • On game day go to the referee tent. There will be a sign-in sheet to highlight your name.   

  • Questions please email [email protected] for assistance.

How many Referee Points can I earn for my team each week/weekend?

  • There is no limit as to how many games you can referee and will receive full point credit for each game you complete. ***Limits may be set at the referee admin's discretion.   

  • Some teams may have referees that represent more than one team. Some referees aren't always available each week but can referee many games every other week. We appreciate the time our referees dedicate to our program and want to allow them the opportunity to earn their team's referee points when available.

Why are center referee (CR) points more than assistant referee (AR) points?

We acknowledge the CR and AR(s) are equally important roles in managing a match, however, it's the CR's responsibility making final decisions that enforce and apply the laws of the game.

Why are U16/U19 games more points than U10/U12/U14?

  • Higher level games require a higher level of game management   

  • The length of a U16/U19 match far exceeds the time of a U10/U12/U14 match and because qualified referees are needed for these matches, we award more points for the time and effort.

Why do I need the Referee Admin's approval to do U16/U19?

  • Redlands AYSO wants to ensure the best and most qualified referees are officiating these matches.    

I'm interested in refereeing U16/U19, how do I get approval?

The referee administrators recommend referees do NOT represent more than one team in the event their teams advance into the playoffs and have conflicting referee and game schedules.

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