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Game Card and Reporting Instructions
Referee Administrator: [email protected] 

Game Cards  should be completely filled out by the Coaches and provided to the referees when doing a player safety and equipment check.
Game Cards should include FIRST and LAST names of the coach, assistant coach and ALL players. Game card should also include numbers for each player.

An example of a completed Game Card: Click Here

Referees are responsible for the game cards (after the match has completed).

Referees need to bring BOTH game cards up to the referee tent and place them into the game card folder. Each division has a section, please put the game cards in their proper place. If you need assistance please ask the tent representative. Thanks!

If a referee needs to report any cautions (yellow cards), send-offs (red cards) or any other issues that happened during the match please do so by ONE of the following steps:

Option 1: Report on the game card. Include FIRST and LAST names of all related individuals to the incident. Individuals include players, coaches, assistant coaches and if possible spectators. In addition, include player numbers involved in the incident.

Option 2: Report online (Click Here). Fill-out the form, SUBMIT and your report will be recorded.

If you have any questions regarding this process please contact the Referee Administrator. [email protected] 

Q. What should I do if the Coaches do NOT have a game card filled out at check-in?
A. Make sure they get one to you by the half-time. Do substitutions as best you can. Coaches are responsible for managing their substitutions correctly. Referees record what the coach's player substitutions. So, if you don't get them right away, that's fine just track them yourself or ask the coach who was out that quarter.

Q. What if the coach did NOT write FIRST and LAST names on their game card at check-in?
A. Ask them politely to make a new one or fix the names on the card if possible to show both FIRST and LAST names for coaches, assistant coaches and all players. Let them know the Referee Administrator's wants to have this on their in the event something needs to be reported.

Q. What if the coach refuses to make a new game card or fix their game card?

A. Report it on the game card, the coach refused to fill-out their game card properly. Do NOT make an issue of it. Administration will handle it if they refuse to fill-out the game card correctly.

Q. If a referee needs to make a report and the coach did NOT provide FIRST and LAST names on their game card because they refused to do it properly, what do I do?
A. First, write down the coach's refusal to properly fill-out their game card. Next identify each person as best as possible. If you believe it was the head coach, provide the name listed on the game card. If there is no name, assume this was the coach. Ask the coach if they have any identification as a registered volunteer. If they refuse or don't have any, report that as well. Any players provide at least the player number and any names listed on the game card as best as possible.

If you have any other questions regarding game cards or reporting contact the Referee Administrator. [email protected]

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