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Spring 2024 Core Program (U10-U19)
Referee Information

Contact Referee Administrator at:  [email protected]

Referees MUST have completed the following items in order to be allowed to officiate:

Referee Scheduling (U10-U19)

The referee schedule will be available on CGI ( Referees can referee their own game and may self-assign themselves to more games if they desire.

We kindly ask the center referee slot be filled before the assistant referee positions.

No Referee

Games will only be required to have 1 center referee provided by the home team.

If the home team cannot provide a referee, the away team may provide the referee.

If neither team can provide the referee, both home and away team coaches will become referee for one side of the field. Coaches may discuss among themselves which side they will officiate. (This is similar to U6-U8 divisions). Coaches should prioritize player safety over anything else.

Coaches will need a whistle to manage the game accordingly and if they do not have a whistle the referee tent will provide whistles.

We also recommend coaches become familiar with the Laws of the Game. There is an online course on that goes over the basics. This can be found on, clicking on “Online Courses” and taking the course “Regional Referee Training”.

Referee Rule Modifications

Center Referee and 2 Assistant Referees - Game will be officiated as a 3-man, left diagonal

Center Referee, 1 Assistant Referee - Please ask one of the teams for a volunteer as a “club linesman”. This person will only hold their flag up if the ball completely goes over the touchline or goal-line.

Center Referee Only - Prioritize fouls and player safety.


If there is only one referee, the referee shall focus on fouls and player safety. The referee shall do their best to judge if a player was or was not in an offside position and have interfered with play. If the player interferes with play (or with an opponent) while in an offside position, the referee should whistle and restart play with an indirect freekick from the spot of the interference.

Club Linesman

Definition: A non-certified/uniformed AYSO Referee that will indicate ONLY if the ball goes completely over the touchline or goal-line by raising their flag straight up.

We highly encourage both teams to provide a club linesman, especially in the cases when there is only one referee. 

In the case both coaches are officiating, we strongly recommend each side have a club linesman.

Referee flags can be found at the Referee tent. Please return them to the Referee Tent  after the end of the game!

Club Linesman - Can be stationary or move up and down the designated area.

Spring Core U10-U14 Playoffs and Qualifications: No Spring Playoffs

All teams shall qualify provided they have met their volunteer points. Teams are required to provide a 3 referee crew. Teams that advance Area playoffs will provide a 3 referee crew.

Games may be played on weeknights and weekends. Brackets and scheduling will be determined under the tournament director’s discretion.

Important Dates

Livescan - TBD

Referee Course #1 - Referee Course #1 – Monday, February 5 2024 from 6:00PM – 9:00PM
Location: Redlands Sports Complex

Referee Course #2 - T.B.D.
Location: Redlands Sports Complex

Spring Core Playoffs U10-U14 Playoffs: None

Citrus Classic Tournament: May 4-6

Area Playoffs: T.B.D.

Section 1 Playoffs: February 24 2024

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