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About the Extra Program

The Redlands EXTRA program is a unique opportunity for interested players who exhibit a strong desire, skills, and ability to play the beautiful game of soccer in a more competitive environment. A typical EXTRA team is made up of the top 10% of players in each division. Players will receive a higher level of training from more experienced coaches whose certifications often meet or even exceed those of club soccer. Teams play against other EXTRA teams in neighboring AYSO Regions, including L.A. and Orange County. The season typically consists of 10-games and playoffs for qualifying teams.

Participation in EXTRA requires an increased commitment from both parents and players, including attendance at all practices and games as well as a sense of responsibility toward coaches and other team-mates. Many EXTRA teams will choose to compete in tournaments. These tournaments include travel and both Saturday and Sunday matches. The team is financially self-supporting, so fund-raising will be required for each player and parents are expected to participate. Teams are also required to provide a 3-person referee crew and team volunteers. EXTRA requires extra dedication, extra time, and extra travel, EXTRA really is extra!

EXTRA Criteria: 

PLAYERS: To be eligible to participate in the EXTRA program a player must be registered in AYSO and attended a tryout. Tryouts are open to all registered AYSO players. The number of teams that will be formed in each division varies from year to year. This will primarily depend on the number of qualified and experienced volunteer coaches and the number of skilled players that apply. The Regional RC and Extra Coordinator reserve the final decision on the number of formed teams.

COACHES: All interested coaches who meet the following prerequisites at the time of application are eligible to apply and must submit an online application. Please read extra guidelines before submitting application - Extra Guidelines.

Games and tournaments:

The EXTRA season is comprised of 2 separate seasons. The first is the Fall season that runs from September to November. The Fall season is typically comprised of 10-games, half of which are at home, and the rest of the games are away in surrounding regions including L.A. & Orange County. While most games are on Saturday, there is a possibility that games may be scheduled during the week and Sundays.

The second season is the Spring season. The Spring season runs from February to June and consists of tournament play, including tournaments in surrounding regions including L.A. & Orange County. These tournaments will involve travel, and games on both Saturday & Sunday. Tournament fees are not covered by EXTRA registration fees, and are the sole responsibility of each team. EXTRA teams are required to play in the yearly Redlands Citrus Classic and provide volunteers for the duration of the tournament.


Q: What is AYSO EXTRA?
A: The Redlands EXTRA program is an amazing opportunity for interested players who exhibit a strong desire, skills, and ability to play soccer in a more competitive environment. It is open to all registered AYSO players. New players to Region 50 are also eligible.

Q: How are players selected for EXTRA?
A:  Players will register online for EXTRA tryouts in their division. Applicants are not guaranteed placement.  On tryout day, players will be checked-in and separated by division. EXTRA coaches will run their age specific tryout and players will be evaluated by skilled player evaluators. Remember that evaluators are looking for different things, and it is a very subjective process. Evaluators are looking for player skill, speed, effort, sportsmanship, understanding of the game. Positional needs of the team, team chemistry and attendance can also be deciding factors. Furthermore, volunteer referee commitment and family volunteer commitment also play a role in the selection of a player due to the extra level of volunteerism required to successfully run the EXTRA program. 

Q: How many teams are formed?
A:  The forming of EXTRA teams involves many factors. One of the factors being the number of experienced & qualified coaches that meet the prerequisites to be an EXTRA coach. The EXTRA Committee may also look at the number of skilled players available for each division. Region 50 is not obligated to field an EXTRA team in every division, and as such teams will vary each season.

Q: How are EXTRA coaches selected?
A: All interested coaches who have coached in the Fall and meet the EXTRA coaching prerequisites, must fill out an online application PRIOR TO THE DEADLINE. Coaches must reapply to coach every year. Prospective Coaches and assistant coaches must be current registered volunteers who have completed the appropriate coaching certification for the division he/she is applying for and have at least 1-year of experience in the division applying for. In addition, 14u EXTRA Coaches must be Intermediate & Advanced certified at time of application. Coaches must also have current AYSO's Safe Haven training, and the CDC concussion training. Coaches be in good standing with Region 50 with no prior disciplinary issues. Coaches must provide and maintain a certified 4-referee team (certified to referee at the level of the team they are refereeing for) that will referee other EXTRA games. The EXTRA Committee reviews all applications and the RC approves the final decision. The RC and EXTRA Coordinator reserve the right to approve or deny coaches. Coaches should be able to attend all scheduled games and meet all Redlands EXTRA guidelines.

Q: If my child is chosen to play in EXTRA, what should I expect?
A: As a parent you can expect EXTRA coaches to follow the same 6 Philosophies of AYSO:

  • ·         Everyone Plays
  • ·         Balanced Teams
  • ·         Open Registration
  • ·         Positive Coaching
  • ·         Good Sportsmanship
  • ·         Player Development

All players will play a minimum of 50% of all games. Teams will have a minimum of 2-weekly training sessions, 1-1.5hrs per session, and one game per week. Parents should expect to drive to away games to play EXTRA teams from nearby regions including Orange & L.A. Counties.  Players must be able to attend all home and away games. Playing in EXTRA requires a high level of commitment from coaches, players & parents. Players should attend all practices and games. Parents should be prepared to volunteer on behalf of the team including refereeing and helping setup/ takedown fields as well as other assignments. If parent volunteers fail to meet obligations, the team may not be allowed to play. Players & Parents who cannot meet the requirements of EXTRA may be removed from the team. Complete information can be found in the EXTRA guidelines.

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