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Tips of the Week

Tips of the Week

October 3, 2019 (Fall 2019, #3)
Topic: Assistant Referee Eye Contact and Communication

Situation #1
I find as a referee when the ball goes out of play, I don't know what to do. What are some things I could be doing?

As the center referee, there are plenty of things we can look-out for and we can listen. If the ball has gone out of play, while the players are retrieving it, we can first take a look at our lead and then our trail assistant referee.

A good thumbs up or hand signal to show both referees are ok and things are going good. In the event an issue with a coach, parent or player happens, looking to your assistant referees during this time can be very important.

What we as a referee team are trying to do during these moments, is manage the game control. If players are chirpingĀ at one another we can stop this right away and address it. If we have coaches or spectators talking to players inappropriately, this matter should also be dealt with immediately to avoid further altercations. Sending a signal to everyone the referee is NOT going to tolerate it.

It's important the assistant referee also flags and signals the referee's attention. Do NOT let these things go unattended to because the assistant referee's responsibility is to help the (center) referee manage the game. Report anything inappropriate or player's unsportsmanlike actions immediately at the next stoppage of play to the referee. Referees make sure you're looking at your assistant referees for these sorts of situations!

Situation #2
Blue #2 takes a shot on goal. Red #2 deflects the ball off her foot and Blue #4 in an offside position collects the ball and kicks the ball into Blue's goal. The referee signals goal, but before kick-off looks at their assistant referee and sees the assistant referee is holding their flag across their chest to signal "come talk to me".

The assistant referee and referee should discuss what happened.

Did the player in an offside position gain an advantage being in an offside position? Did they interfere with play? Did they interfere with an opponent?

It is important the referee and assistant referee take their time and do NOT rush this discussion. Make sure both referees communicate what they saw and restart play properly.

If the player Blue #4 was in an offside position and interfered with play, the restart should be an indirect freekick at the spot they interfered. If the player was NOT offside, the goal should stand.

Our example states that Blue #4 was in an offside position, therefore the goal should be called back and the restart should be an indirect freekick at the spot of interference.

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